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Pain Management & Chronic Pain Treatment

Tampa Pain Clinic's goal is to allow patients to live a productive life despite their chronic pain – we attempt to provide a pain management regime that allows a patient's pain to be reduced to an acceptable level without causing unnecessary side-effects. Such relief in turn allows patients to become more active, which in many cases helps to reduce the patient's pain.

Treatment of Chronic Pain Relief Because of the problems associated with drug diversion, most physicians are reluctant to prescribe opioid pain medications to their patients. However, when conservative methods of treatment fail to resolve a patient's chronic pain, pain medication is often a necessity. The decision to go on pain medication must weigh the perils associated with life-long dependency against the potential benefits of pain medication, e.g.: an improved quality of life.

Chronic pain treatment plans typically consist of a combination of opioid medication, exercise, weight-management, and other medications such as muscle relaxants and/or NSAIDs.